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Relax in the House

House music to relax to in yo House

Relax in the House is even chiller to dance to than our Horizontal Disco list, but both can also be used for relaxing too. This however lays off the lyricists and goes for deep, melodic, four on the floor kind of music with short vocal cuts.

If you don’t like house though, I’m not sure you’ll want to chill in your house with this.

Relax in the House tracklist

Panda – Sputnik Moment
KAASI – Lisse
Ephemerals – You Made Us Change (Wirkstoff Edit)

Notize – Meadow Run
Attom – Flash
Joe La Pop – Prints

Slow Magic – Waited 4 U
Pomo – Feel The Same Way
Ben Macklin – The First

Joe Hertz – Tears
STWO // Eden (MPH & Deffie Remix)
Moon Boots – Magic