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Tommy Lee & Aero · The Rules

featuring SOFI and our turn to the cheesy 80's

This marks a new turn in music for SNG. We’ve moved on from the 70’s disco gon’ electro to 80’s glam rock pop or whatever you wanna call it. I don’t know how I ran into Tommy Lee & Aero’s ‘The Rules,’ probably MauTrap’s SoundCloud, but it’s been growing on me ever since. SOFI’s voice may be a little bit too snotty with a cheesy 80’s feel to it at times, but Tommy & Areo write her in well.

Funny side note: didn’t even know Tommy Lee was the Tommy Lee until researching this post. I am so out of the loop, and I feel so damn hipster good about it.

SOFI (SomeOtherFemaleInterest)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Label: Mau5trap
Sofi on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube