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A fresh breath of inspiration

Spire and his Soda Island friends put on some of my favorite bumble gum funk, generally known as future bass, specifically called kawaii, but I call it vapor (who knows). He does however have much more breath than that.

He has some of the most intricate & introspective music, and a good handful of it, which I don’t see enough. The guy can take what sounds like a scene from a movie and make it music. Beautiful in a way that reminds me of jazz. You don’t know where it’s going next.

Couldn’t have kicked off 2017 any better than this inspiration (other than disco).

Spire tracklist

Petal Falls
Some Day; Mornings
It’s Okay :)

Since You Left (with JPB)

sackcloth and ashes
i love a girl, and she loves a girl

Webs (ft Rakita)
Reverie (feat. FAWNA)

Marshmallow Rollercoaster
Still Don’t Understand

hey :)