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Krafty Kuts · A Krafty Symphony

2011 Bootleg Re-Rub Mix (featuring MC Dynamite)

Krafty Kuts

I’m just as sick as everyone else with these more bitter than sweet “Bittersweet” mixes, but Krafty Kuts deviates from the original just enough with a funked out feel and some fine reggae lines from MC Dynamite.

Takes some advice from Krafty Kuts, if you’re gonna remix something as overly remixed as this, do something different (don’t just lay down acapellas).

Krafty Kuts – A Krafty Symphony feat MC Dynamite (2011 Re-Rub)

Krafty Kuts
Genre: Breakbeat, Funk, D&B, Electro, Dubstep
Name: Martin Reeves
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
Label: Instant Vibes
Krafty Kuts on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | | YouTube