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Freedom Fry · Earthquake

That chorus will get you sooner or later.

Freedom Fry the Alt Music Duo

This Freedom Fry duo isn’t what I’m usually posting up, but Marie Seyrat’s voice hooked me in ever so slightly. I wasn’t too keen to the track at first, but I knew there was something about that chorus (I’m a sucker for a catchy one).

Well, “Earthquake” has grown on me just enough to give it praise, but I have a feeling it also might have to do with my love appeal for French women. Anyone who has to put up with French men is a saint in my eyes.

Freedom Fry – Earthquake

Freedom Fry
Styles: French & American Indie
Members: Marie Seyrat, Bruce Driscoll
Location: Los Angeles, California
Label: Caveman Arts Society
Freedom Fry on: SoundCloud | Facebook | | Twitter | YouTube