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The Biggest Problem Up & Coming Producers Face

with a good example from Shoe Scene Symphony's lastest remix

If there’s one thing that’s always been difficult for up and coming producers to find is a solid pair of vocal cords. We’ve got an over abundance of DJ’s & producers on SoundCloud & YouTube now, yet most are still relying on remixes, samples or just keeping it instrumental. Some eventually network their way into some talented singers or rappers, but it’s not happening fast or often enough, especially for this digital age. Which brings us to Shoe Scene Symphony’s latest track.

The 3S duo discussed on their SoundCloud page how difficult it was “to find a quality acapella” for their latest beat and didn’t seem too enthusiastic with their final selection — though that may just be my interpretation. It’s not that Aaliyah wasn’t a good choice, it’s just these instrumentals deserve their own original vocals, let alone a better match. It’s just coming up with the perfect vocals that’s been a problem for Shoe Scene Symphony and most other “under the radar” producers.

There doesn’t seem to be any widely-known platform that’s successfully filling this gap. In an article I posted about two years back, I tried to convince SoundCloud how to foster a community of collaboration with my help, but it was easier to preach about than to act on. So I’m still on the search to figure this collab community out and what I’ll need first is others who are looking to make that happen [to be continued…]

So let’s get a conversation started on how & where a community of music collaborations could thrive most. Next step is Yours, dear reader.

Shoe Scene Symphony
Styles: Nu-disco
Members: Franz, Bandoma
Location: Orange County, California
Shoe Scene Symphony on: SoundCloud | | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram